January 28, 2009

Cambry's New Do

Tuesday morning as I was combing Cambry's hair she started to complain that it hurt. This is a frequent response I get. So I said "Do you want me to just cut your hair off?" Her response was not what I expected. She got a really excited and said "Yes, yes I want it to be like Nixans." So this was our Tuesday night activity.
DURING...AFTER Eight inches off.
She loves it. She's been flipping her head around and twirling around all morning.
She's my little Diva!

Happy Birthday Cole!!

DIG IN! Watch out, here comes Taite!
Cole was frustrated with the whole skating thing at first. But, he became a pro real fast and helped teach the others.
Bre's just taking the baby for a little cruise.

I think this would be called 'snow plowing' if Ben were wearing skis.

Daddy/Daughter bonding. Really, it was a workout trying to hold them up.

At one point during the night; Tyler, Tiffany and I (the in-laws) realized we were all hanging out on the benches while our spouses tore it up on the rink. It was funny, we realized we couldn't hang with them. We heard lots of skating stories about the good ol'days.

January 11, 2009

My Fam's Visit to SA

Hard at Work!

Nothin's free. You've got to earn your stay!
Thanks for your help!

Trans Siberian Orchestra!
My mom, dad, Brigham, and Todd all got to see the Transyberian Orchestra perform. It was more like a rock concert but it was sooo cool. It took a while to get our hearing back to normal.
So awesome!!

Fiesta Texas!
Cambry had to give each of these characters a hug and a kiss after the pictures were taken.

"Boring...where are the real rides?"

I had to convince cambry that this was fun.

The kids waited over an hour to sled down this 'bunny hill'. My family thought it was hilarious.

Just goofing off while we wait in line.

Cole's no fear of heights made us all nervous on the Ferris Wheel.

Witte Museum

We loved the hands on experiments at the Witte Museum, especially my Dad.

The faces my dad pulls crack me up!

We learned about the digestive system @ an experiement they did. Caulder got to hold the large intestine that reached across the room.