September 26, 2009

First Day of School

The kids flew out of bed with excitement on the first day of school. We are now into it a few weeks and they all love it but they are not flying out of bed anymore! Cambry has a hard time getting up in the morning though. Six 0'clock is way too early for this girl.

The boys were very protective of Cambry.

They are all doing great in school. I am so proud of them! Caulder and Cole have started their GT classes and they love the projects they get to do. Caulder got into the robotics club. He was very excited about that. Cole was excited to find out that Genesis, a 'girl friend' from last year, was in his class this year. Cambry's teacher said she is a great participater in class. I guess we'll find out at PTC next week if that is a good thing. :) She comes home singing songs and loves to tell us all how to spell things that she has learned.

Summer in Idaho

Wow! It's been a while, but I am back! I have a lot of catching up to do so I promise to keep the writing brief. Enjoy the pictures!

Paint balling in Idaho.

Abbey and Cambry at the 24th of July Celebration in Ririe. We rode on a horse-drawn carriage around the church. Our horse slipped on the asphalt and fell over. Maybe that's why they didn't have asphalt in the days of the horse-drawn carriages, huh?

Devon and Caulder waiting for the rest of the 4-wheeler ride.

Cole - Looks like the swing of a pro!

Cambry and Nixan posing at the ranch.

Devon, Caulder, and Cole hiking Cress Creek in Ririe.

Nixan - Potty time in the beautiful outdoors!

Banks, Caulder, Devon, Cole, Nixan, Cambry, Taite, and Berkley
We all made it to the top of Cress Creek.

Enjoying the world famouse square ice cream in Swan Valley Idaho, ok, maybe not world famous but definately delicious!

Grandma is such a crazy driver. Nobody wanted to get off.
Abbey, Thailey, Cambry, Grandma, and Wendilyn

I saw these flowers and couldn't pass up a photo.

Bre and Tyler and Ben and I enjoying an all-you-can-eat brunch at the Stein Erickson Lodge in Park City. Life doesn't get better than this, especially when you're pregnant and there's no holding back! Ben and I were celebrating our 11th anniversary!!

We rented a 15 passenger van to go through Yellowstone Park. Despite the heavy traffic, we still had a great time.

We didn't see too many wild animals but the kids loved the geysers and melting pots.

Although its not depicted in this photo, Uncle Brigham is a pretty vicious boat driver. Basically you don't get back in the boat until you have been thrown from the tube. The kids caught some pretty high waves and loved it.

The airplane ride home.
I should probably leave it at that, but I won't. They look so peaceful and entertained but that only lasted for so long. We were all sick of traveling and everyone became agitated. The last hour or so Taite and Trevy decided they had had it. They had contracted pink eye and were not feeling well. We arrived at the airport early, but instead of this making our trip shorter, they had no place for us to go. So we sat forever while they found us a gate to pull up to. Meanwhile, Cole, who had been asleep for the last hour gave us no warning at all that he was sick. He threw up all over! I passed out a whole box of Bre's wipes and hand sanitizer to the passenger behind us (who left his feet under the chair). I was so glad we were landing and not taking off. We were all getting nauseous. Cambry made a big deal out of the scent while we were trying to down play the whole situation. Cole said he was still feeling sick so I grabbed the barf bag from the guy I was sitting next to. When we got inside the airport Cole looked like he was going to 'go' again so I stuck my hand in the bag I'd borrowed to open it up for him. It was then that I realized I was using the bag that he had been spitting his tobacco in the whole filight...all up my arm. Bre and I died laughing.