August 5, 2010

A Few of our Summer Highlights

We went camping with some friends a while back at Palmetto State Park. We assumed Carly wouldn't appreciate the great outdoors yet so we left her with Grandmother and Grandaddy. The kids hitched a ride on the paddle boat with Clifford and Azakiah Valente. They had so much fun!

Starting a fire was not one of our strong suits.

Cambry and Riley


Every summer the kids look forward to our trip up north. We stay at Aunt Mary and Uncle Jims for at least a day. The last couple years Olivia (Libby and Johns girl) has stayed over night so she can hang out with us. They are all so dang cute and loving, seriously!
Cole, Cambry, Abby (Jenna and Ryan's girl), Olivia and Caulder
Jared and Becca's twins - Noah and Bella -So Cute!

The Shark Reef - This is a projection on the wall and when you touch it or walk past it, it ripples like waves. Very entertaining.

Gotta get our In-N-Out Burger!!

IDAHO - WYOMING (Actually)

Best hike ever! We felt like professionals with our Camel Packs on our backs. We got up real early on Caulder's B-day to go hike Table Rock by the Tetons. It was snowed in so we took a different trail.
Devils Staircase - 9 miles

We were purifying some water at a little creak and didn't even notice this beast about 30 ft away. He didn't seem to mind. Curtis hit a moose on the road a couple days later. It totaled his car. I wonder if this one had anything to do with it.

WOW, the view was so amazing!

Carly and Grandpa at Blastoff for Caulder's Birthday. I was too busy playing lazer tag so I didn't get many pictures.

Snow ball fight at the top of our hike- Ben got a lucky shot and hit Megan. Notice how he celebrates and doesn't even realize she is crying. It was hilarious!