December 4, 2009

Carly - Two Months

Carly had her 2 month old appointment this week. Dr. A said she is a perfect little girl. (Of course we already knew that. :) ) Our little baby is growing like a weed. Her stats are:

Weight - 11.8 pounds - 55%
Length- 23.5 inches - 90%
Head- 38 cm - 50%

She is definitely a binky girl. She might give Caulder a run for his money! She is a formula baby now. I was supplementing for quite a while and she was doing great at taking whatever was put in her mouth. But eventually she chose the bottle. Her best friend is the ceiling fan. We lay her on the floor and she will smile and stare at the fan for forever. She sits on the freezer at the back of Teka and watches the ladies cook. Today they informed me that all of them were her aunties. They are so cute with her. I feel especially blessed this time of year for my healthy, wonderful family.