May 27, 2009

Canyon Lake

On Memorial Day we went to Canyon Lake with Brik and Tiffany, Bre and Tyler, and their friends Nicole and Jason. We were planning on going the previous Saturday, but the weather didn't work with us. We were excited to see the sun on Monday. It was so much fun, a little toasty but fun. I think we all left fried. I promise I won't coment on each picture, there are tons of them! Enjoy!

Hot Dock!

While we were eating at the cabana, which was about 100 yrds from the water, Mercedes said she was going back to the water to collect sea shells. We had sent each of the kids back by themselves so we didn't think anything of it (there were more adults there). Later, we realized that Mercedes never made it. It had been quite a while so we freaked out. Everyone started looking up and down the beach. Nicole found her at the ranger station. Two women had found her and took her there. It was so scary. It's amazing how fast things can happen. We were so blessed to find her and that nothing else happened. After that we didn't want to push are luck so we all packed up and went home.

We rented wave runners for a couple hours while we were out. Caulder and Cole got to drive. They thought that was the best thing in the world. I was holding on for dear life!
Madison and Cambry
Caulder and Cole love hanging out with Maddie. They won't admit it, but I think they are fighting for her love. :)

What an exhausing day!

May 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Great Grandaddy!!!

Happy birthday Grandaddy! We wish we were there to celebrate with you. We miss you, Great-Grandmother, and Grandmother. We hope you enjoy our little birthday jingle! We apologize in advance for our nerdy performance, but rest assured it was created with much love. :) We hope you have a wonderful day! We love you all tons!

We are so thankful to have such wonderful grandparents. We are blessed that they have set such a great example for us and future generations.