April 16, 2009


My beautiful three all dressed up for Easter!

Hunting for easter eggs is serious business!

When Caulder saw the size of his easter basket he decided to where a hat just in cases he needed it to put more eggs in. Check out the fire on Nixan' head in the background.

Cambry, Nixan, and Taite all looked so cute in their yellow easter dresses. We didn't even plan it. I can't believe I didn't get a good one of all three of them together:(

Cole you are such a nice cousin.

Taite is always doing something to crack us up. These pictures turned out too small to capture the emotion the bigger pictures had. I had about 20 other pictures between these four that helped tell the story. She loves her some Tuff.

Watch out she is armed and dangerous!

Every easter egg hunt has to end wih a cascarone fight. Thanks tons granddaddy!

Even baby Trevi was attacked by the cascarones. She didn't seem to mind too much though.