February 15, 2009

After watching Sleepless in Seattle, Cambry couldn't resist dancing to the music while the credits rolled. Enjoy our little ballerina!

February 7, 2009

February 6, 2009

Let's Rodeo San Antonio!

Going to the rodeo each year has become a fun family tradition. We took the kids out of school early and they thought that was pretty cool.

Here piggy, piggy. Here piggy, piggy!
Cole put on a tough face, but he wasn't feeling well all day. He was a good sport to get on all the rides with Caulder. Later that night he had a fever of 103.3. I felt so bad for him.

Last year, Cambry didn't like the petting zoo at all. Not much changed this year. She faked a smile and tried to mingle with the animals, but I don't think she could get past the smell.

Best Buds!

You can never have too much cotton candy...

...or food of any kind for that matter! No turkey legs this year though. We heard that each leg had 1200 calories and decided it wasn't worth it(not that the $8 price tag had anything to do with it)!